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Ownership Disclosure

As you know, your health care provider has determined that you require further medical treatment and has recommended that you receive such treatment at the Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery and Laser Center (the “Center”).  The Center wishes to make you aware of the fact that the health care provider who referred you to the Center may have a financial relationship with the Center.

The Center also wishes to make you aware of the fact that there are other facilities available in our medical community where the same procedure(s) can be performed. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three reasonable alternative sources for such medical treatment are set forth below.  Of course, the facility that performs the medical procedure for which you have been recommended is a matter of personal choice for you.


The following physicians have a financial interest in the Center:

Gostal  Arcelin MD

Andrew Astrove MD

Susan Beil MD

Mark Bromson MD

Daniel Ganc MD

Patricia Chen MD

Rachel Ciaccio MD

Lawrence Clewner MD

Bradley Douglas MD

Steven Fagien MD

Lauren Feingold DO

Stuart Feldman MD

Michael Fleischer MD

Leonard Flescher MD

Melissa Friedman MD

Kenneth Garrod MD

Marc Golden MD

Darin Goldman MD

Maged Habib MD

Lawrence Halperin MD

Enrique Hernandez MD

Daniel Jewelewicz MD

Samuel Kaufman MD

William Kelly MD

Dominic Kleinhenz MD

George Kolettis MD

Michael Krebsbach MD

Jan Kronish MD

Benita  Kurtzman MD

Larry Levin MD

Mark Licht MD

Joshua Light MD

Steven Litinsky MD

Jennifer Loh MD

Angelos Manganiotis MD

Mark McCormick MD

William McKay MD

Alan Mitchell MD

Barry Myers MD

Nathan Nachlas MD

Stewart Newman MD

Kevin Palmer DPM

Pedro Piza MD

Harvey Plosker MD

Mitchell Rauch MD

Bradford Ress MD

Steven Rosenfeld MD

Patrick Rubsamen MD

Jane Rudolph MD

Daniel Salama MD

Alan Saperstein MD

David Schwartzwald MD

Frederick Silfen MD

Steven Stein DO

Rebecca Stern MD

Charles Stewart MD

Barry Taney MD

Nicole Todar MD

Mark Werner MD

Mark Widick MD

Marc Winnick MD



If you would like an alternative we recommend that you ask your physician if they have privileges at the following hospitals:

Boca Raton Community Hospital-800 Meadows Road, Boca Raton-561-395-7100

Delray Community Hospital-5352 Linton Blvd-Delray Beach-561-498-4440

West Boca Medical Center-21644 State Road 7, Boca Raton, FL -561-488-8000


Revised 10/18/16